Well hello there visitor. I see you have found your way into my lair... Just feel like at home. But please do not mess around to much. I have just cleaned the lair. As ya know I had a party last night and you can imagine what a dragoon party looks like. ^,^  
  Oh yes... well I quite a chater box some may say. Anyway... I won't hold you back here with this intro too long. Just feel free to look around. You can find a lil' bit of my information and some art, something about movies, music (you can download some midi file for your own webpage if you prefer, but please do hotlink from my page. Upload the music to your own server)  
~ Updated 'Who am I?' - added a few pictures about me
~ Updated 'Gallery', some new pictures
~ A new entry in my diary (9.1.2006)











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