Yp... this would be my gallery. Not much at the moment, but I'm working on some pictures as well. Hope you enjoy looking at the pictures. But I do beg you and warn you, DO NOT STEAL. It is your funeral and I'm very fond of my work. So if you would like to use some of the pictures in your own galleries please do ask.  
  Those images that are in frames are rated R because of the content.  
Black and blue
Sad Dragoony
Puffy the dragon
Dragon 38
Love poem
Love dragons
The memory of love
Pinky wing
Little ghost
Elven Weapons
Giving flower
Little playing dragons
Dragon queen
Blue flame dragon
Dragon - drawn in school ^,^
The Kiss
Dragon killers
Little green dragon
Mauntain dragon
Lunch time
Water drake
Water dragon getting dinner
The guardian
Something secret
Rina Fallingstar
Tandilien and Nero
The moonlight flight
Mean Dragon
Luinarrna - last elven horse
Logo of the dragons(quidditch team)
Little Cupid
Firey green
Little hungarian horntail
Dragoony aka me ^,~
Computer freak
Staff keeper
The player
Little sleeper
Rose dragon
Castle guardian
Red dragon
Winged Cobra
Nero and Tandilien (rated R)
Tandilien and Haldir (rated R)
Dragons making love (rated R)
Dragon fight
Half dragon/half elf

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