So as an owner of this here lair it is my duty to tell ye who I be.  

Name: Katarina
Surname: I****
Date of birth: 20.11.1985
Hour of birth: 19:20
Place of birth: Ljubljana, Slovenia (Middle Europe)
Place of living: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Parents: Both
Brothers/Sisters: none (luckly)
Pets: None at the moment
State: involved
Eye colour: Green-blue
Hair color: natural blond
Hair lenght: 70 cm

Nicknames: Dragoony, Tandilien, Katra, Kat, Rina, Kata

Job: working at home, designing home pages
School: The Faculty of Computer and Information science
Plans for the future: If everything goes as I planed I will end my studies and become a programer and will get a nice job and start a family.

Hobbies: Computer study, Computers, playing games, drawing, writing, talking through MSN...
Places I've been to: Paris(France), London(UK), München(Germany), Vienna(Austria), Klagenfurt(Austria), in a lot of places in Croatia, Gardaland(Italy) and some other places in Italy as well and Djerba (Tunisia - Afrcia).

What I like:

Books: Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Assassins Apprentice
Movies: Lord of the Rings, Dragon heart 1 and 2, Harry Potter, Gladiator, Godzilla, StarWars(all the epizodes), Final Fantasy
TV series: StarGate, Will&Grace, Queers as folk, NMK(it's a slovenian serie)
Cartoon: almost all the Disney cartoons, Tom&Jerry, Spiderman, Sonic X, some anime
Game(s): WoW, I of the Dragon, Dungeon Siege, Dunegon Siege: Legend of Aranna, Dunegon Siege II, The Longest journey, LineAge 2
Music: I listen to dance, techno, house, electronica, some pop(it dependes on a music), new age

  Magazine: Joker(sort of a computer magazine), PCmedij
  Food: Spagetti, pizza, sendwiches with prshuto
Desert: Strawbarries with cream, ice cream, my mom's strawbarry cake, sahara cake
Drink: Cockta, Coca-cola, Juice, Dragoon(blood), Bacardi Breezer
  What I dislike(or shall I say hate):
  Subjects: Math(any kind of it), phisics, logic, history
People: Those that do not tell you what they think of you to your face and those that are back stabers. I really despite those people. And those who call you just when they need you, but when you need them they turn their back on you.
Things: smoking
  Well... that was a bit about me. Not much I guess... but I will feel free to answer any questions you have for me. Just send me an e-mail.  

Everything here is property of Dragoony. All right reserved. If you would like to take a picture or anything else from the page, please ask.